Why to Choose E-Sigaret

Few certainties and a hot scientific debate is exacerbated by a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that the vaporization process of electronic cigarettes would favor the formation of formaldehyde, a substance 5 to 15 times more carcinogenic than tobacco. But not only for this reason have electronic cigarettes divided scientists perception. In a paper last August, the World Health Organization has advanced serious doubts as to their danger to health, sparking the ire of the scientific community and bringing 50 well-known international scientists to sign an open letter addressed to WHO, which he underlined the low toxicity of electronic cigarettes and their effectiveness in promoting smoking cessation, with the ability to prevent thousands of cancer cases each year.

Compared to the common cigarette what is its impact on health?

The E-Sigaret does not contain tobacco and non-incineration to work, so it is intuitive that they are safer than the blondes and are able to improve the health of smokers who decide to use it instead of conventional cigarettes. Clinical studies on electronic cigarettes show positive effects on consumers of electronic cigarettes in terms of harm reduction to reduce the risk associated with conventional cigarette smoking.

The study conducted by the team of researchers ECLAT LIAF in the University Center of the General Hospital of Catania, has demonstrated a substantial decrease of the damage caused by smoking, such as cough (18%), dry mouth (17%), throat irritation (20 %) and headache (10%). Disorders associated with withdrawal from tobacco smoke, such as anxiety, hunger and insomnia, have been reported rarely. There are no recorded substantial weight changes, changes in heart rate or blood pressure, or rather was monitored such health conditions which improve general health by reducing tobacco smoke.

Psychologically, smoking an E-Sigaret can help as compared to traditional cigarette?

Smoking and depression are often two related factors, in fact, according to recent studies conducted by our researchers "do not smoke for depression, instead you become depressed by smoking." For some patients, the smoke is a natural extension of their own behavior. Studies conducted in centers, however, have shown that smoking the E-Sigaret is also effective from the psychological point of view because it decreases the anxiety and stress, which is typical among smokers of conventional cigarettes.

What is your opinion on the recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, that the E-Sigaret can be even more carcinogens of conventional cigarettes?

The study is based on the evaluation of individuals under unrealistic conditions. Many studies on E-Sigaretten are unfortunately conducted on non-human subjects or even, as in this case, in conditions which do not reflect the actual use of the instrument. It evaluates situations in which you use the electronic cigarette to high voltages while these are usually used at low voltages.